Saturday (25th) Evening – Tickets £15: Bonar Hall - Starts 1900hrs


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Film: Adorable Austrian Alps

Film Austria, 2016 (3 mins) Filmmaker: Joerg Daiber

Adorable alpsThe Alps are much smaller than you think. A short trip though a miniaturized version of the Austrian Alps.



Film: Holy

Film USA, 2017 (9 mins) Filmmaker: Lindsay Daniels

Film - HolyWhen opportunity knocks, a middle aged man told he should never run again defies doctors orders and ends up finding himself doing 100 mile mountain races. More importantly, he finds a holy awe in the Wasatch mountains and through thoughtful poetic writing shares what he sees and feels as he runs with his dog Echo.When opportunity knocks, a middle-aged man told he should never run again defies doctors orders and ends up finding himself doing 100-mile mountain races. More importantly, he finds a holy awe in the Wasatch mountains and through thoughtful poetic writing shares what he sees and feels as he runs with his dog Echo.



Film: Hard Rock

Film UK, 2016, (20min) Filmmaker:  Paul Diffley (Hotaches Productions)

grampian clubThis film is sponsored by The Grampian Club



Hard RockTo celebrate the life of Ken Wilson (1941 – 2016), BMC TV teamed up with Hot Aches Productions to release this new film. Featuring never-seen-before interview footage with Ken describing just why he was so passionate about British trad climbing, reconstructions of his early climbing adventures and Steve McClure, Calum Muskett and Michaela Tracey climbing three iconic routes, this film is a 20-minute trad treat.

Many books have been written about British climbing, but one stands head-and-shoulders above the rest: the iconic Hard Rock, compiled by Ken Wilson. It might have first hit the shelves in 1974, but this feast of climbing literature has weathered the following years as easily as a granite crag.

Over 40 years on, the routes lovingly described by the bold first ascentionists are often still the highlights of any trad climber’s year: The Bat, Totalitarian, The Old Man of Hoy, A Dream of White Horses, Diagonal, Vector, Valkyrie, Sirplum to name but some. These 61 routes share 173 gleaming stars and all perfectly capture that unique feeling of British climbing adventure.

Hard Rock has now outlived Ken. His death left a hole in the climbing community, but his legacy will continue to shape British climbing.


Film: Dodo's Delight

Film USA, 2016, (28min) Filmmaker:  Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll


dmc logo smallThis film is sponsored by The Dundee Mountain Club


Bob SheptonPack your penny whistle and batten down the hatches: It’s a madcap sailing adventure in the Arctic Circle aboard the good ship Dodo’s Delight. Join Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto, brothers Nico & Olivier Favresse and their 79-year old captain, Reverend Bob Shepton, as the gang embarks on a rollicking musical journey amongst rough seas, freezing temperatures, and sketchy all-free big walls.

Telluride Mountainfilm, which awarded Dodo’s Delight its prestigious Charlie Fowler award, called the movie “the epitome of adventure”.



There will be an interval of 30 minutes. Refreshments available on both levels. Be sure to visit the art exhibitions and the trade stands.


Presentation: Mollie Hughes - Tales from the Top


Mollie HughesOn Tuesday 16th May 2017, at 4:45am, in temperatures as low as minus 35°C, Mollie Hughes successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest from the North side just as the sun was beginning to rise. This was Mollie's second time standing on top of the world having already summited the South side of Everest in 2012. Achieving this feat at the age of 26 made her the youngest woman in the world to successfully summit from both the north and south sides of the world’s highest mountain. Join Mollie on the Saturday night for an inspiring presentation and first hand account of climbing Mount Everest from both the North and South routes.

Mollie first fell in love with the mountains at the age of 17 when she joined a school expedition to climb Mount Kenya. Throughout the rest of school and university Mollie would save up as much money as she could in the year and then spent it all on an expedition over the summer. Mollie has climbed in the Indian Himalayas, the Nepalese Himalayas, Volcanos of Ecuador, North and East Africa and has spent time in the Alps and of course the mountains of Scotland.

Mollie HughesThe idea of climbing Everest came in Mollie's final year at university. She was writing her dissertation in the area of sports psychology and thought if she had to write 10,000 words on a single subject she would have to make it an interesting one or this is going to be a struggle! So Mollie decided to investigate the ‘Psychological experience of climbing Mount Everest’.For this project Mollie interviewed seven climbers who had all summited Everest between the years of 2000-2010 and explored their psychological experience on the mountain including areas such as motivation, self-belief, team work and controlling fear. It must have been half way through the first interview that Mollie had decided that Everest was something she needed to experience for myself. Mollie then spent the next 12 months training and sponsorship hunting to climb Everest and was lucky enough to reach the summit for the first time on the 19th May 2012 at the age of 21.