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Presentation: Richard Else  - Wainwright Revealed - and a 40 year love affair with Scotland

Alfred WainwrightWainwright is universally associated with his seven volume Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells - a work that many would argue is the most accomplished guidebook ever written. Lesser known, but equally important, is his forty year love affair with Scotland. He came north of the border every year and using only public transport, visited vast tracts of the highlands and islands, taking hundreds of photographs and producing five volumes of drawings.

Richard Else gives an rare insight into AW’s time in Scotland using much previously unseen material and extracts from the award winning films they made together. He explains why those Scottish visits were of fundamental importance in the development of Wainwright as a writer and artist. And there is no one better to tell that story than Richard. He was the person who succeeded where many more famous names had failed and brought Wainwright out of the shadows and into the nation’s living rooms. His documentaries transformed a cult guidebook writer into the most unlikely television star - one who attracted millions of new admirers with films that effortlessly made BBC2’s ‘top twenty’. Many people have claimed that AW was a reluctant television star, but Richard tells a different and more complex story - that of a man often at odds with himself and the ultimate outsider.

For the last 10 years of his life no-one, except members of his immediate family, knew Wainwright better than Richard. In a relationship that went far beyond the requirements of programme making, he became AW's confidant and the only person allowed to work with him in a collaborative way. A genuine friend to a man who had virtually no close friends. A person whose social skills took second place to his work and the need for an obsessive order in all aspects of his life.

Drawing on this material featured in his new book, Wainwright Revealed,  Richard gives a genuine insiders view into their years together. At its heart is the first full assessment of the literary merit of AW’s work and his place in the guidebook tradition. Most importantly he gives a new perspective on Wainwright the man, revealing little known aspects of his character. But Richard also recalls the lighter side of AW that was kept hidden from his public, remembering a visit to London that descended into farce; the vast tally of greasy spoon eateries they frequented and how he introduced his television walking companion, Eric Robson, ‘as a Cumbrian farmer who occasionally appears on television’…

Richard Else

Richard ElseRichard Else is generally regarded as one of the world’s foremost adventure filmmakers and is one of the few Europeans featured in National Geographic’s Voices from the Summit. He has won over 30 major awards worldwide, including Best Mountain Adventure Film at Kendal; two from BAFTA, Scotland; the Royal Television Society and from film festivals in Canada, America, Japan and mainland Europe. His landmark series include The Edge, The Face, Wild Climbs and the groundbreaking live Great Climb. For over 12 years he’s been Executive Producer of BBC Scotland’s primetime series The Adventure Show

He has co-authored eight walking and climbing books including the best selling Wilderness Walks & More Wilderness Walks and his images have been seen in many books, newspapers, magazines and outdoor publications.

He lives in the shadow of the Cairngorms with fellow film maker Margaret Wicks.








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