The bonar hallThe main sessions of the Dundee Mountain Film Festival programme are held at the Bonar Hall, Park Place which is on the University of Dundee Campus (Postcode DD1 4HN). Details of parking here. Note that if you are parking on the pay and display sites on the University campus you have to pay now. There is no longer free parking at weekends. Dundee Campus layout here. The Ustinov Room is in the Bonar Hall complex (upstairs).The Greenmarket multistorey car park is probably the nearest reliable parking place, and is free after 6pm.


Discovery Point (The Thursday evening venue) is adjacent to the ship RRS Discovery. Location and current access details (which can change due to the waterfront redevelopment) are on the Discovery Point website. Parking is not quite as ample as the web site suggests due to the waterfront redevelopment works, but is probably adequate for evening visitors.  However,  the Greenmarket multistorey car park is reasonably close.